THOMAS SARC, Long Island, NY Artist


NEWS...Tom Sarc's art work will be on display at the Central Islip Library March 2019. Call the library at 631 234-9333 for info and confirmation.

To see or purchase Mr. Sarc's art, go tho the ART WORK page.




A local art critic comments about Tom Sarc's work:

"I'm impressed with the colors and I've learned that observation is so key when it comes to abstract work.. The cosmos is at work in your vision ..the bright side of hope that dwells within you..You have shape, structure, geometry, and a bold expressive style. There are several stories within that merge and converge in a very compressed yet ready to explode fashion...Interesting."


A Long Island business owner comments:

How nice!  I particularly like "world chaos" and "collision course." But i would add my perception that I don't feel chaos or collision when I see them, but more like harmony and a peaceful coexistence, like atoms finding their place in the natural order of things. Very pleasing.