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Art Work by Thomas Sarc

For purchase information, please email or call 631 348-0463 or 631 741-9967.

NOTE: Colors of originals may differ slightly in brightness and contrast due to website imaging.


"3D Football" (2) 4x4

"Warped" 4x4

"Happy" 4x4

"Fright" 8x8

"Evil" 8x8

"3D Football 1" 8x10

"Alien" 12x16

"Explosion" 18x24

"Image Of Universe 1" 12x16

"Confusion" 12x16

"Universe On Fire" 12x16

"Field Of Flowers" 12x16

"Collision Course" 12x16

"Casualties Of War" 12x16

"Cosmic Explosion" 12x16

"World Chaos" 12x16

"Out Of Control" 16x20

"Door To Tomorrow" 16x20

"Galaxies Colliding" 18x24

“The Dancing Man”